Matzah for the duration of Pesach

Pre-heat oven 500 degrees F; if using a baking stone, add put it in the oven at this time.

2 c flour, ½ tsp salt, 1/3 olive oil, ½ c water, opt. rosemary, herbs, sea salt

Add flour and salt to the food processor. Stream oil and ½ c water. Pulse until the dough is firm and not sticky

Option 1: add herbs at this time

On a floured surface, roll into 12 balls and flatten as thin as possible into 6-inch circles. Prick with a fork.

Put on an ungreased baking sheet or stone.

Option 2: add herbs and sea salt at this time

Bake for around 3 minutes or less --watch it carefully! Once it browns, flip and cook the other side, seconds to only a minute if needed.

Tip: Prick with a fork if need to keep dough from puffing.

Cool completely before serving.